What's all this Pimp stuff about?

I just figured this out and it is so cool I had to share it with all of you. Every word really does mean 'nads'. Just put it in the right context and BLAMMO, it's nads. Here's an example:

He missed the line drive and the ball smacked him right in the wall socket.

Now 'wall socket' doesn't ordinarily mean 'nads', right? Well, not in your everyday conversation anyway. But just by creating the imagery of a guy getting a line drive in the groin we've made a normally placid and harmless word mean 'nads'. Isn't that great?

Here's another one:

Never drive naked. Bob did that last Tuesday and got his block and tackle stuck to the seat.

Hee hee hee. I feel so naughty. I'll never think of pulleys the same way again.

Hey, wouldn't 'pulleys' be a good euphemism for wanking off? Just thought of that.

Sorry. Got sidetracked. Back to the nads. This is just the coolest thing. I'll be doing this for hours.

Go ahead. Try it for yourselves.